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The Kite Flyers
Anyways commissioned me to animate a GIF for Ajaz, a UK based foundation that provides grants to charitable organizations. The Kite Flyers was illustrated specifically for Candlelighters.
Candlelighters provides help for families facing childhood cancer, through treatment for the disease, respite care and beyond.
When I fly a kite, I feel a sense of control. The kite may do loops in the wind or dive towards the ground, but it's tethered to me. Balancing the kite and the wind feels like a powerful and meditative act; I look up and get lost in the clouds.
I admire how Candlelighters helps families regain a sense of normalcy after a child's cancer diagnosis. By giving them a holiday, it provides a munch-needed escape from the hospital and time to enjoy simple pleasures like flying a kite.
Thanks to Jeanne Harignordoquy and Mike Tsenti.

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